Scale from No-Code MVP to IPO

Interviews, articles, and education on scaling a startup with no-code tools


Episode 7

Chris Obdam - founding enterprise no-code platform Betty Blocks & growing to 192 employees

With the ability to run apps with millions of database rows, Betty Blocks is one of the most scalable no-code platforms. Chris walks us through founding the company and building for the enterprise.
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Episode 6

Michael Gill – leading with low-code as a CTO, and making the default tool for frontend development

Michael Gill, CTO at GPS Trackit, uses the low-code tool Clutch for all frontend development. He covers how he convinced his engineering team to take this path, and what was the result.
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Episode 5

Mitchell Wright - how Lambda School reached a $150m valuation with Airtable, Zapier, and Salesforce

All of Lambda School's engineers were teaching class, so they got creative and used no-code tools to scale the school. The tech stack lasted up to ~125 employees, which is likely a no-code record.
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Episode 4

Jason Barone – migrating Uber's 1,000+ no-code websites to a React stack, and his journey from auto mechanic to Senior Design Engineer

Uber had 1,000+ no-code websites – one for city the operated in. Jason built a clone-able Squarespace template to quickly consolidate them, then re-built that with React and various back end services.
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When No-Code Stops Scaling

David Head
September 9, 2020
Predict when your no-code stack will hit it's limit. Learn about the limitations of infrastructure, features, professional community, and collaboration tools.

No-Code Tech 101

David Head
September 8, 2020
Now you can build a web app without writing code. But how does that work? The main pieces of a no-code app (as it's called) are the frontend, database, and APIs.

Why I Created Bridge

David Head
September 7, 2020
No-code tools are ideal for MVPs, but they have unique challenges to scale with. The challenge is there mostly because the startups who've scaled on them haven't passed down their knowledge yet. Bridge is a knowledge base for scaling from no-code MVP onward.




Hi, I'm David. I created Bridge to help startups using no-code tools avoid common obstacles and capitalize on novel opportunities while scaling.

No-code tools are great for MVPs, but they don't scale as far as you'd expect, and migrating to code can feel like purgatory if it gets out of control. I learned this the hard way, before "no-code" was even a term.

In 2015, I cofounded a freelance marketplace called Sixty, where we raised capital from Y Combinator and built many no-code prototypes that got migrated to code. After that, Lambda School hired me to help them migrate off of their no-code stack.

Now with the no-code movement exploding, I'm helping startups scale as a consultant along with hosting the No Code & Code podcast. Bridge is where I share everything I've learned.