No Code & Code Podcast

Stories of the most successful startups using no-code tools

Episode 7

Chris Obdam - founding enterprise no-code platform Betty Blocks & growing to 192 employees

With the ability to run apps with millions of database rows, Betty Blocks is one of the most scalable no-code platforms. Chris walks us through founding the company and building for the enterprise.
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Episode 6

Michael Gill – leading with low-code as a CTO, and making the default tool for frontend development

Michael Gill, CTO at GPS Trackit, uses the low-code tool Clutch for all frontend development. He covers how he convinced his engineering team to take this path, and what was the result.
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Episode 5

Mitchell Wright - how Lambda School reached a $150m valuation with Airtable, Zapier, and Salesforce

All of Lambda School's engineers were teaching class, so they got creative and used no-code tools to scale the school. The tech stack lasted up to ~125 employees, which is likely a no-code record.
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Episode 4

Jason Barone – migrating Uber's 1,000+ no-code websites to a React stack, and his journey from auto mechanic to Senior Design Engineer

Uber had 1,000+ no-code websites – one for city the operated in. Jason built a clone-able Squarespace template to quickly consolidate them, then re-built that with React and various back end services.
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Episode 3

Peter O'Malley – hitting 500k Zapier zaps per month and fostering trust with his CTO to use no-code tools

Peter built his freelance marketplace MVP on Airtable and Zapier, then quickly hired a CTO to smoothly transition to a no-code and code hybrid solution.
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Episode 2

Vlad Leytus – scaling no-code MVP for startups like Dividend Finance ($365m raised) and apps for enterprises like HP & Lenovo

After discovering Bubble as a student at Harvard, Vlad co-founded AirDev in 2015 and grew it into one of the top no-code web development agencies, serving hundreds of clients and counting.
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Episode 1

Intro: Why I started the No-Code & Code Podcast

There's no playbook on scaling from no-code MVP to even just thousands of users. I want to help startups streamline the process.
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